Speech- Language Therapy Application in Bosnian

Speech therapist application was created as one of the activities of the Erasmus + project “Assisting Better Communication” funded by European Commission with aim of improving the speech-language therapist’s practical work. The speech-language therapy application is available online. Each user will have their own profile, where they have to be registered and get their username and password. The application itself contains a part that allows users to enter anamnestic data for each client and that part is locked and visible only to the user who entered that data. The user is able to have for each client a separate form in which enter the data. These data are stored and can be modified and new data can be entered. The second part contains a scheduler in which the user can enter his obligations, that is, a plan of work with clients by dates. Clicking on the patient in the planner will open a form with client information. The third part is in which the material for working with clients is uploaded. This section is organized into sections (perception, flash card, numbers, letters, etc.). The material is uploaded in pdf. All users have access to the aforementioned section, which will be open to all who have signed up and will have the opportunity to use all the materials entered and to upload the materials.
The speech therapy application is available at the following link: