Student mobility

In frames of ABC project students from beneficiary countries: Georgia, Israeli and Bosnia@Herzegovina had an opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the Universities of Partner European countries. Prior to their visit special criteria of student selection was elaborated among consortium members. Gordon Academic College contributed to it and it was decided to select students according to their academic achievements and English knowledge level, as well as commitment to participate fully in the training workshops and complete all assignments required and to present a summary of what they learned to their department/faculty when they return from the training. Here is a quote from the letter of one of the students from the University of Haifa to Prof. Saskia Damen, University of Groningen: “We would like to express our warmest gratitude for being invited as your guests in the recent study visit to Groningen. We thank you for all that you have done to make this visit an unforgettable one – the fascinating lectures we were given by the excellent lecturers from the University of Groningen, educating assignments, teaching clinical visits, meetings with other international students, touching concert performed by children and adults with special needs, and unique tours in the university campus and the beautiful city.” Below you can see a video prepared by the students from East Sarajevo about their experiences.