The Georgian Speech and Language Therapists Association (GSLTA) was founded in 2017 within the framework of the ERASMUS + Project “ABC – Assisting Better Communication”.


Unite Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs), working in Georgia;

Support and conduct research on important issues related to Speech and Language Disorders (SLDs)

and their causing conditions; publish the research results;

Organise regular meetings, symposia, conferences and trainings; publish manuals, guidelines

and recommendations on different issues related to SLDs and their causing conditions to inform

communities and raise awareness on the fi eld;

Promote high ethical and academic standards of child, adolescent and adult SLD diagnostics and


Promote specialists’ work in the fi eld of SLD;

Train SLTs, support their professional development and excellence training;

Develop speech and language therapy and introduce new methodologies;

Inform communities on speech and language development issues, consulting on various issues

related to the topic;

Develop language and speech assessment instruments for Georgian and disseminate them throughout

the country;

Seek contacts with SLT international organisations and establish fruitful partnership/membership;

Consult individuals with SLD, provide recommendations for social adaptation in different environments;

Cooperate with different medical-rehabilitation organisations, special schools for children with

disabilities and kindergartens;

Raise awareness on importance of relevant development of speech and language;

Facilitate employment for speech and language therapy students and speciliasts.




Facebook: საქართველოს ენისა და მეტყველების თერაპევტთა ასოციაცია – სემთა – GSLTA