UES, Faculty of Medicine, Republic of Srpska, BiH, Department for Speech Language Pathology Foca, 19.11.2018.

As a part of Erasmus + project „Assisting Better Communication“, training at the Resource Center “Ray of Hope” in Foca was held on the topic “ASSESSMENT AND INTERVENTIONS FOR IMPROVING COMMUNICATION IN CHILDREN”. The training was held for the parents of children with disabilities who are users of the services of the Center “Ray of Hope”, as well as the parents of the children of the typical development.

The aim of this education is to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for parents to properly assess the abilities and needs of their children in communication, as well as how to introduce daily routines that will improve the communication of children, and how to behave in situations of conflict behavior.

Education was approved by the Ministry of Education and culture  of Republika Srpska, BiH.